My Children’s University Graduation Speech 2021 – Cressing Temple Barns

My name is JH and I have just finished Year 6 at (a local Essex school)

I joined The Children’s University in year 3 and by the end of year 6 I had achieved my goal and earnt 1014 hours.

In those 3 years I made up my hours by doing lots of different activities; in school, after school and by doing Children University challenges.

In school I took part in clubs like construction club, art club, skipping club, mystery solving, purple mash and TT Rock Stars club. I was in the choir from years 3-6, had guitar lessons for 3 years, and was in the school Rock Band. Outside of school I attend swimming and Chameleon Theatre Arts where I do ballet, tap, modern, musical theatre and street dancing. When I started Children’s University, I asked my dance principle and swim school to sign up.

Every Summer holiday I took part in the Reading Challenge at the local library, and I’ve also received hours for the 2 Blue Peter badges I’ve received. This year I took part in a “30 Days Wild” Challenge with The Wildlife Trust too, this also added to my hours.

I really enjoyed all the different activities and challenges that The Children’s University and Pawprint Family put on, and even began collecting badges for the challenges I completed.

I have collected badges to go with each milestone of hours that I have reached too, and I am so proud of it. I have had them sewn onto a stole as a keepsake.

The Children’s University has taught me so much – dedication, hard work, organisation and proved that learning can be fun too. I have always had to work hard on my confidence, and even though I’m still working on it The Children’s University has helped to boost my confidence from where I started.

Another big highlight to The Children’s University is all the community work and visiting all the amazing places we have in Essex and surrounding areas – some of the places we have visited I didn’t even know they were there.

I’m now less than a week away from starting secondary school and the next chapter of my education, and even though I am nervous I’m going to use the skills I have learnt to help me.

I would like to thank Debbie Bennett for all the support you have given me, and say a big thank you to my old Head Master Mr G and Mr P for supporting and encouraging me throughout my Children’s University journey.