With the support of Anglia Ruskin University we are very excited to be able to introduce our STEM Faculty.  

Launched at the Chelmsford Science Festival children aged 7 - 11 attending, with their families, had the opportunity to join the Essex Children's University STEM Faculty.

All are registered to use Children's University Online, have a booklet of STEM challenges and access to other learning challenges to support the development of their interests, skills and knowledge in the subject.

Our new learners are working towards their first Children's Univesity Award for 30 hours of STEM development. They will be invited to receive ther Awards at a Children's University Graduation towards the end of the 2022/2023 Academic Year.

Does your organisation provide STEM learning activities and experiences for children aged 7 to 11?

Children's University works closely with all kinds of learning providers and activity leaders to offer children the widest variety of opportunities.  We are inviting organisations, with a focus on STEM learning activities to register with us to support our Science and Engineering Faculty.

There is no charge to register. 

In order to offer a consistent quality of activities we undertake a quality assurance process to validate these opportunities to confirm they meet certain standards.

This validation does not require the completion of an excessive amount of paperwork. It simply involves learning providers completing an online form and putting time aside to talk to one of our Children's University managers about what is on offer for children and ensuring that our organisations are aligned in our commitment to children.

If you're a learning provider and want to validate your activities for our Children's University learners simply click here.

You'll be asked to do a quick eligibility check and then invited to submit information about your activity.

Once validated, we will share details of your learning activities and experiences with our STEM Faculty learners.  

Please make sure you select Essex as your local Children's University and put STEM in your activity description.