Build a Mud Wall

Let's put your design, engineering and construction skills to the test.  Will you take on the Mud Wall Challenge? Making bricks out of mud is great fun!

Cereal Box Challenge 

All you need for this challenge is an empty cereal box, scissors and a ruler.  Why not make it a family challenge?

Pin Number

Perfect for wet weather days.  You'll need some floor space, 9 small objects and one light object for throwing. Accuracy and speed are key to success. 

Water Balloon Tennis 

Not sure this will ever become an Olympic sport, but it's great fun.  If you can lay your hands on a few water balloons, have some towels and string and sticks for a net, then you're in for a treat. 

Can you invent other games with water balloons?

Share your ideas with me and I will publish for others to try.

Make a nature raft and sail it

Boat building at its very best!

Write your own song

Encourages children to become songwriters. Explains the importance of verses as the story telling element and the chorus as the bit that catches the listeners attention.

Design a sensory blanket

Explains the concept of a sensory blanket for babies and older people. Asks children to design their own sensory blanket giving thought to sound, texture and design.


Explores how and where coins are made.  Encourages children to reflect on the coins their family use.  Asks children to design their own coin with specific features.

The Bank of England

Highlights the Bank of England as a Learning Destination. Signposts to Bank of England learning resources.  Suggests investigation of careers available.

My place in the World  

Encouraging children to think about where they feel their place in the World is.  Looking at them, their home, their town or city, their area or county, their country, their continent, their planet, and their place in space. 


All the instructions you need to create your very own Foosball Stadium and have a game!