Leisure World Colchester

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Leisure World Colchester provides a range of formal sports coaching opportunities.
Coaching groups support a wide variety of ages and abilities and sessions are delivered by qualified coaches who have undergone formal assessment by the National Governing Body of each sport.
Over the during of a coaching term, participants will be taught the technical and tactical aspects of the sport in order to gain a practical understanding.
For all formal coaching sessions, those attending qualify for different levels of grading with badges/certificates (depending on the sport) available to show recognition of achievements.
Coaching session contact is set to the individual needs of the group, taking into account current standard, aspirations and abilities.
Coaching sessions are delivered evenings and weekends in term time and day time during the school holidays.
The following sports coaching courses have been validated as Learning Destinations by the Colchester Children's University.

Stamps for your Passport for Learning will be awarded for every 1 hour session of formal coaching received.

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Rookie Lifeguard Sessions
  • Street Dance
  • Badminton
  • Judo


Website: www.colchesterleisureworld.co.uk