Mercury Theatre Performance Review

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The Mercury Theatre

Balkerne Gate
Essex  CO1 1PT

Tel:  01206 245516

The Mercury Theatre stages lots of different types of shows, classic plays, new writing, comedies, music and also children's shows.  The theatre is a producing theatre which has its very own company of actors.  This means the theatre have a team of people that build sets for shows and a wardrobe department where people make costumes.  

Performance Review

How to earn stamps for your Passport to Learning (1.5 hours of activity)

Attend any of the many shows at the Mercury Theatre. You can find out what's on using the website link below, and create a short review or reflection on the performance you saw.  Once you have completed your review you should send it to the Colchester Children's University office at The Stanway School, Winstree Road, Colchester CO3 0QA

Here are some ideas to help you with your review

We're sure you'll have a lot to say after seeing a show, so here are a few hints to help you create your review:

  • You can write a review: there are lots of things you can write about, the characters, costumes, lighting, music and sound, script, atmosphere, mood, set, what you liked/didn't like about the play and much, much more.
  • You can draw a picture: a picture can paint a thousand words.  Be creative about drawing images of the set, favourite characters or moments in the play.
  • Create a video review: You an be really imaginative and create a video review of your experience; it can be as simple as setting up your camera phone to record yourself talking about your experience of seeing the play.
  • Handy Hints
    • There's never a right or wrong answer when it comes to reviewing performances, write down what you felt personally while watching the performance.
    • It may be helpful to write a few notes or draw some pictures while you're watching the play to make it easier to remember what you thought when you come to write your review later.