West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and Country Park

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Visit our award-winning Anglo-Saxon Village and museum.  Get closer to history by exploring our reconstructed Anglo-Saxon settlement and finding out more about our great archaeological experiment.  Linger in our interactive Museum and Archaeology Gallery to discover the past from the Prehistoric to the Anglo-Saxons.
Surrounding the Anglo-Saxon Village and museum you will find 125 acres of unspoilt countryside, trails, heath and woodland walks.  Follow our wonderful Beowulf and Grendel trail inspired by this ancient tale.  The trail takes you through the unique Breckland landscape where you will meet six themed sculptures that capture the story and will fire your imagination about life 1,500 years ago.  For wildlife enthusiasts there are two bird hides and a bird feeding area as well as a lake and the River Lark with all the wildlife that these attract.

Throughout the year special events and activities take place, from our hugely popular Dragon Fest and historical re-enactments to craft activities and trails.  Please check our website for future events.

Address: Icklingham Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6HG

Children can earn a 2 hours stamp for a general visit plus 1 hour if they complete the Beowulf & Grendel Trail (or any other interactive trail).  They may also earn a 1 hour stamp for any other activities they take part in.

Website: www.weststow.org