Curious About Colchester

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Explore Colchester town centre with two self-guided heritage walks with a treasure hunt theme. Discover Colchester's "hidden treasures" whilst having a fun day out with family and friends!

Colchester was the capital of Roman Britain, long before London came to prominence, its castle was the blueprint for the Tower of London. Proportionately more Protestant martyrs were burnt alive during the reign of Queen Mary than anywhere else in England. The nursery rhyme 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' was written there in 1806, and in 1807 the oldest Hot Cross Bun in existence was baked there. In 1884 there was a major earthquake. The Kray twins, one of whom broke the jaw of a corporal, were graduates of its military school.

Complete the walk, answering the clues along the way.  Send us an interesting fact learned whilst on the walk, and we’ll send you your Children’s University sticker.