Suffolk Punch Trust

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Join our Gentle Giant Suffolk Punch Horses for a fun day out for all ages. See our horses and yearlings, rare Large Black Pigs, Red Poll Cattle and Suffolk Sheep.

The Suffolk Punch Trust is dedicated to the preservation of Suffolk's unique history. The Trust is home to the Hollesley Bay Colony Stud which is the world's oldest stud farm breeding the extremely rare Suffolk Horse. 

With regular stable demonstrations this is a great day out for all.

Children can a 1 hour stamp for a general visit plus another hour if they complete one of the Trust's trails or take part in a school holiday activity.  

On 3 August The Trust plays host to a performance of Peter Pan.  See the Show and send us a review and we'll send you a 1 hour stamp for your Passport.

The Suffolk Punch Trust
Woodbridge Walk
IP12 3JR