EKA Martial Arts

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Teaching tradiational karate, kickboxing and modern mar56tial arts to people of all ages.

EKA Martial Arts is jointly run by Chief Instructor Steve Powell(6th Dan Black Belt) and Sensei Sam Powell (3rd Dan Black Belt).  As well as karate, EKA also teaches Kickboxing, weapons classes and Xtreme Martial Arts.  Martial Ar5ts is a great way for students to gain confidence, improve fitness levels, learn respect for yourself and others around you, improve your social circle and learn an art that really does offer a self defence.  For our younger students, a lot of what is taught is non-contact.  We use karate to help teach them gross motor skills like coordination, self-control, balance, respect for each other.
Activities include:

T raditional karate from 4 yrs upwards and our ethos is traditional karate with modern teaching methods.  Whether you want to compete at the highest levels, improve fitness or are just looking for a new hobby EKA karate is the place for you.  The style of karate taught is Shitoryu/Shukokai. 
Kickboxing incorporates modern and ttraditional kickboxing.
Weapons classes involve using tradiaional weapons such as Bo Staffs, Nunchukus, etc in a safe, non-contact environment.
Xtreme blends Martial arts, gymnastics and Music for a more creative approach
Mixed Martial Arts is suitable for complete beginners.

Address: EKA Fitness and Martial Arts Centre, 1st Floor, 14 Chipping Row, South Woodham Ferrers CM3 5XU

Tel. 01245 632286/07930 048946

Please note that to encourage a breadth of learning hours for this activity are limited to 10 hours per term or 30 hours per academic year.