Night Zookeeper

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We’re delighted to announce a brand new online partnership with Night Zookeeper.

This means that primary-aged children will be able to earn passport stamps by  completing fun interactive activities on

What is Night Zookeeper?
Night Zookeeper is an online platform that has been designed to help children write creative stories, invent unique characters, and learn pretty much anything they want by completing fun, interactive activities! You can learn more about this amazing interactive resource on their website.

How schools/parents can sign up?
All schools or parents need to do is email and he will set up a special free account for them. Use this Subject line: I’m part of Children’s University and I’d like a Night Zookeeper account!

How children can earn Children's University credits
The team at Night Zookeeper have been kind enough to put together an activity pack for teachers to follow. They can download an activity pack to work through alongside the children! You’ll notice that there are six fun challenges for children to complete and a sheet of unique stamps for them to print and award to students. Teacher can either print and award these special Night Zookeeper stamps for children to stick into their passports, or they can award stamps however they currently do so.

You can download the pack at the website below: