Pets at Home

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At Pets at Home, we know that all children love pets and that’s why we think they’ll love our My Pet Pals workshops. They are a great way to educate children on the importance of responsible pet ownership. Children will be able to discover more about how to look after their favourite pets. We have a pet village which includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, degus and many more. Children will also be able to see our fascinating reptiles and colourful coldwater, temperate and tropical fish. The in store workshops are led by expert colleagues, passionate about sharing their knowledge with children. Each workshop focuses on a different group of pets. Workshops last up to 1 hour with plenty of opportunities for asking questions and meeting the pets. Please check details of availability with your local store.

To find a Pets at Home near you, visit the National CU website below and search for 'Pets at Home':