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Eurokids specialises in French and Spanish tuition for the 5 to 11 year age group.  The club has been running in Primary schools around the Chelmsford area for over 12 years and its aim is to give children an introduction to the spoken and written languages in an informal atmosphere.

Children are encouraged to read, write and speak French and Spanish with confidence, and grammar is introduced and explained gradually.  Each child may work at their own level, as they are given an individual glossy book to work through at their own pace. 

Using a method of incorporating various games, puzzles and songs has proved effective and popular with young children, and pupils will often find that they are much more prepared and confident in the chosen language when they eventually move on to their Secondary school.  In addition, I aim to make learning a language an experience to be enjoyed!

Lessons normally last around 30 minutes at lunch-time or 45 minutes 1 hour after school.  There is a one- off initial membership fee and payments are made termly in advance. 

Contact: Sharon Knight