Roman Circus Centre

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The Roman circus site and visitor centre include outdoor and indoor displays and a cafe. The visitor centre is off Roman Circus Walk and it is accessible by car from Butt Road (free parking on site) or by cycle/on foot from Circular Road North. 

Roman Circus Centre
Roman Circus Walk (Off Butt Road)
CO7 7GZ (do not use for SatNav)

01206 501785

Children can earn stamps in their Passport to Learning by participating in the following activities:

Guided tours
Guided tours of the site take place every Saturday at 12 noon and 1 pm - no need to book. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Adults 3
Accompanied children - FREE

Children can earn 45 minutes in their Passport to Leaning by taking part in the tour. 

A quiz to be taken after completing the guided tour to test you on your new found knowledge.

Children can earn 30 minutes in their Passport by completing the Roman Circus Quiz. Quiz

A free drop in session for children aged 10 + years to participate in this fun strategic Romano-British game of strategy based on an original game found in Stanway.

Dates available in 2017:

Saturday 17 June
Saturday 15 July
19 August
16 September

11 am to 2 pm

Children can earn 30 minutes in their Passport by participating in Aquila.

Summer Holiday Activities
Children can meet a real archaeologist and take part in a variety of activities including mini excavations and finds washing.  For more information click here