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This KiD Can offers a range of activities to keep children fit and active including gymnastics, martial arts and boxing in the hope that every child from 3-16 can find something they love and truly excel at.  Classes are age specific and targeted to development: 3-4 yrs, 5-6 yrs, 7-9 yrs, 9-11 yrs 12-14 yrs and 14+.  Such small age divisions enable us to target the relevant motor skill development and offer the best possible experience for all our students.


the TKC Evolution martial arts curriculum - more than a martial arts class, it is a complete child development programme.  A modern martial arts class, developing motor skills, aiding cognitive development as well as general life skills, there is no better activity for your child  to be involved in , no matter what age they are!  From age 3 to adult. Fast paced, safe and a lot of fun, we have had amazing results from children with ADD, ADHD and behavioural problems.

MA Gymnastics

Our gymnastics classes are based around our very own progressive gymnastics syllabus, the MATRiX.  MA (Martial Arts) Gymnastics varies from traditional gymnastics as it is taught without the benefit of a sprung floor or foam pit.  It is a more functional form as it relies on 'digging' from the floor rather than bouncing off it.

ABA Non-Contact Boxing Awards

The GB Boxing Awards programme is an ideal entry to the sport of boxing.  This is non-contact and a great introduction to ABA Olympic style boxing.ABA Award scheme during school holidays only.

Capoeira, Street Dance, Taekwondo, Karate

We opffer a range of one day workshops for children to try different activities during the sumer holidays including things like Capoeira, Street Dance, Taekwondo, Karate.

To maintain the breadth of learning, thesa activities should account for, approximately, no more than 30 hours in any one academic year, or ten hours per academic term each.

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