Elizabeth School of Dance

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We offer classes in ballet, tap and modern dance, from pre-school to adults.
All students from The Elizabeth School of Dance have the opportunity to take part in exams leading to a qualification awarded by the UTD (United Teachers of Dance).

The Elizabeth School of Dance produces a show every 2 years which is open to all students, we also regularly take part in local village fetes and other exciting opportunities. Such as dancing at variety shows, weddings and pantomimes.

The Elizabeth School of Dance is proud to play a key part in assisting with physical fitness and well being, contributing significantly to building confidence, developing good posture, assisting in achieving personal goals, instilling the precise discipline that dance can require and also allowing our students the chance to learn in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment. Classes are currently run Tuesday through to Saturday.

01787 472 182


Website: http://www.elizabethsdance.co.uk