London Learning Destinations

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 Here are just a few of the CU Learning Destinations in London. 
City Sightseeing Tour of London  2 hour stamp

Curious About London  Self- guided tours 1.5 hour stamp

Huntfun  Various treasure hunts 2 hour stamp

Imperial War Museum * General Visit 3 hour stamp

Jewel Tower *(Tower of London) General visit 1.5 hour stamp

Museum of London * Children’s Trail 2  hour stamp.  A trail can be downloaded by clicking here .  This trail will take you around the Museum of London highlighting some of London’s most exciting times. There is one activity in each gallery, but make sure to look around to discover other things you might like.  

Natural History Museum * General visit 3 hour stamp

Queen Elizabeth Park Various Trails
(Collect your stamps from the Information Kiosk)

Science Museum * General Visit 3 hour stamp

Shakespeare’s Globe  General Visit 2 hour stamp

The Bank of England Museum  Activity Sheet 1 hour stamp

The British Museum * General Visit 3 hour stamp

The Royal Academy of Art  Various activities Max 3 hours stamp

WWT London Wetland Centre Family activities Trails 3 hrs max

*These are large, busy attractions so you might not be able to get your Passport stamped.  Show your teacher or the Essex CU office what you’ve learned and we’ll give you a stamp