Cressing Temple Barns

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Cressing Temple, between Witham and Braintree, is of supreme interest for its unique buildings and gardens. Given to the Knights Templar in 1137, its Grade I-listed Barley and Wheat Barns, built in the 13th century, are among the oldest timber barns and few surviving Templar buildings in England. Displays inside outline the history of the Templars and the site. Accompanied by a beautiful Tudor Walled Garden.

Children can earn 30 minutes in their Passport to Learning for a general visit to the Barns.

30-31 July 2016 Healthy Living Show:

Learning about how to make healthy choices and enjoy the natural environment. Combining history with medicine and health in olden days. Celebrate everything good for the body and soul at our new Healthy Living Show. Inspiring you in health, wellbeing and a more natural life. Explore natural products and receive health and exercise advice through demonstrations and speakers. 

Children can earn up to 2 hours in their Passport to Learning for this activity

Cressing Temple Barns, Witham Road, Braintree, Essex  CM77 8PD