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At orange horse we aim to provide equine education that suits your needs. Our team of British Horse Society registered instructors are here to advise you and assist you to meet your educational aims.

British Horse Society participation Project is aimed at getting more  In a nutshell, it's the chance for you to get more involved in horses and equestrianism.   It's about getting people who are just a little bit interested, out into the fresh air to say 'hi' to horses in person, and people who already hang out with horses on a regular basis on the path to getting some qualifications to expand their equine knowledge. The idea is that everybody of all levels of interest get talking to each other, sharing advice, knowledge and education, so they ca n become confide nt and ride more often.

During Stable Management Club, children learn about the care of horses working towards 5 levels of BHS certificates. 

Venue: St Barnabus, Church Hall, Abbots Road, Colchester.


Children can earn up to 6 hours for their Passport to Learning for this course.