Colchester Language Academy

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The aim is of our languages programmes is to offer children the opportunity to
learn a new language and the culture(s) associated to it in a fun, friendly and
didactic way.

The main objectives are to encourage children to participate and develop
interest in the world around them by delivering immersion sessions into the
languages chosen. An example of this is our Spanish club in which children take  part in guided activities that allow them to play an active role in their own  learning. Furthermore, the sessions support the acquisition of new vocabulary in  a natural-communicative way.

Our sessions are based on the Communicative Approach to Second Language  Learning/Acquisition. More specifically, we place emphasis on the role-play  method by introducing activities in a ludic way, so children perceive the whole  setting as a leisure oriented one. By these means, basic concepts about the  language learned culture are introduced alongside the vocabulary and grammar  that allow their expression, being immediately put to use in a creative way.

Venue: Colchester Business Centre, 1 George Williams Way, Colchester  CO1 2JS

Contact: Miriam Lorena Zambrano