Danbury Park Wild Wednesdays

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Giving children the opportunity to play with their families in a natural environment - learning to play wild!

Every Wednesday in school holidays (except Christmas)

Each week is different and there is always something new to stimulate the imagination and build on appreciation for the outdoors. 
Rangers provide some equipment and guidance where needed. Activities can include den building, mud pie masterchef, paddling in streams, forest craft, pond dipping, sweep netting, obstacle races, and land art to name just a few. 

We partner with other organisers such as the National Trust; Booklets are given to children on '50 things to do before you are 11 3/4' and children are encouraged to complete as many as possible. We also partner with Science in School, who make rockets with the children that shoot high into the air. 

The children are constantly learning through play, making new friends and appreciating their environment. 

Activities are free but car parking charges apply.

Danbury Country Park
Woodhill Road

Website: http://www.visitparks.co.uk/