Theatretrain Colchester

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Theatretrain is a part-time drama school for young people based in Colchester, offering dancing, singing and acting classes.  There are plenty of reasons why young people enjoy spending time at our stage school centres: Itís great for building confidence, our kids get to meet new people and make friends, and letís not forget Ė whether you want to pursue a career in the performing arts or not, itís GREAT FUN!

Children are taught by an experienced team of teachers.  Students at Colchester performed a Christmas show at the Adelphi Theatre in London and are now starting work on their next London show which will be performed at The Royal Albert Hall.  Along with students from Braintree they also took part in a two night local show which included numbers from Matilda, Oliver and their take on A Midsummer Nightís Dream .  A similar show is planned for Spring 2016.  Colchester students are often also asked to perform in the town centre and this is something they very much enjoy having the opportunity to do.

Contact: Maggie Levoir