Colchester Wado Ryu Karate

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Children follow two levels of syllabus  one for 4-6 year old's and one for 6 years and above.  Children will, over time learn basic to advance karate techniques and will be assessed on their journey using grading's which are used to allow the children to measure their progress.  We also use merit badges to reward certain activities and behaviour.  Classes teach children to block, punch, strike, stepping, hoping, jumping.  We practice safe and controlled sparring using safety equipment, we use kick and bunch bags so that students cab practice their techniques, we teach a number of kata and kihons which are pre-arranged sequences of moves.  We also work closely with parents of the students who are able to give us feedback so we are able to make continued improvements to our classes.


The Dojo, 19 Davey Close, Colchester, Essex CO1 2XL
Colchester High School, Wellesley Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 3HD
Unity Primary Academy, Hickory Avenue, Colchester, Essex CO4 3QJ

Contact: Darren Reynolds