Colchester Arena Judo Club

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Colchester Arena Judo Club provides a centre for children to learn the Martial Art and sport of Judo.  Children are taught self-defence, self -reliance, how to fall without being hurt, consideration for others and pride on oneself.  They also learn many aspects of physical exercise to build self-confidence and how to keep fit.  International Judo Federation rules are followed regarding grading and children can progress from Junior to Senior level opening the door to senior  level and eventual Olympic standard.

The Club is affiliated to Essex Boys and Girls Club and have four Dan Grade Instructors.

Venue: Stanway Federation Learning Centre, Walnut Tree Way, Colchester

(the entrance to use for members  is in Walnut Tree Way outside the Gymnasium)    

Friday  - beginners  6pm to 7 pm and improvers 7pm to 8 pm
Contact: Mr Leslie Nicholass

Tel. 07799 695174