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I-Achieve - personalised learning (confidence building, raising aspirations, literacy, numeracy support)
Each Academy session begins with a Brain Gym/interpersonal warm up..helping children to focus their attentions and build confidence. This element of the session helps children to not only develop new skills but also to meet and get to know new friends.

The main part of the learning activity is group based with children and young people working in groups of up to 6 on a range of personalised learning activities. These activities are set in response to the needs indentified by the children themselves, their parents and schools. The main session combines use of the ipads with more traditional learning methods.

Finishes with a plenary and Academy debrief to evaluate experiences and recognise achievements. The data and information collected during the evaluations is used to supplement the ongoing tutor evaluations and in turn is added to information collected via Goal Assessments. This information is shared with children, their families and back in school.
Current venues include:

  • Friar's Grove Primary
  • Queen Boudica Primary
  • Elmstead Market Primary
  • Great Bentley Primary
  • i-Lab University of Essex
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Contact: Sacha Brakenbury
Tel.: 0845 463 1342