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Children attending the following activities at Blackwater Leisure Centre can collect stamps in their Passport to Learning.  Please note that in order to encourage a breadth of learning these activities should count for no more than 30 hours of learning each per academic year.

Swimming lessons

Our lesson programme follows the Amateur Swimming Association's (ASA), Learn to Swim framework.  This uses fun and games to take children from the first splash to full competency in the pool. With the ultimate aim of helping your child develop confidence in the water.

Our staff are all fully trained, encouraging and supportive. If you would be interested in individual lessons this is also something we have available. Please contact us for more information on this. 

Trampoline  Classes

Our trampoline classes are fun and structured to improve development. All our classes are delivered by our qualified coaches. Trampolining is an inclusive sport suitable for all abilities and ages; whether you want to improve flexibility and make some friends or if you want to participate competitively against other gymnasts.

Our sessions are perfect for children interested in trying Trampolining! No previous experience is necessary!

Junior Gym

Children aged 11-15 years are welcome to our junior gym sessions and they will be given guidance on using treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and an introduction to resistance training. 
Juniors must participate in an induction prior to attending these sessions and spaces must be booked in advance. 1 hour can be earned for y.our Passport to Learning for the induction session only.

Blackwater Leisure Centre
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