Extra Time SUFC Learning Zone

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The Learning Zone uses the medium of sport and sports reporting to develop increased confidence and self-esteem, particularly in writing and speaking & listening through a numbr of activities.

APPly Yourself - Innovative ICT Education

Students work as a team to develop their own APP.  They begin with research  and work on different aspects of the development including design, advertising, filming, marketing and budgeting and present their ideas to the group.

Playing for Success - Innovative Education through Football

Students work collaboratively in a range of activities including presentation events aimed at increasing their engagement with learning as well as increasing their skills in English, maths and ICT.

Supporter to Reporter

Students learn about the different roles involved in creating a sports report.  They learn about working to deadlines, a range of media and improve their English, maths and ICT skills and presentation events celebrate their successes and develop their speaking and listening skills.

Annette Olford, 
Centre Manager
Extra Time SUFC Learning Zone
Cecil Jones College
Eastern Avenue

01702 440066

Website: www.extratimesufc.org.uk