Big Garden Project*

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The Big Garden is located at High Woods Country Park and is an organic community food growing project, open to all, for community gardening, on alternate Saturdays from 10am until 1pm.  Check the website for dates and other up-to-date information or telephone 01206 853588.  Children, who must bring an adult, can attend any volunteering session and stay as long as they wish.
All sessions are supervised and led by the community gardener.
Whilst at the Big Garden those helping will learn a wide range of skills relating to food growing, learning organic and sustainable gardening methods including seed sowing, thinning and transplanting, composting, making leaf mould, mulching, making seed compost, weaving hazel for fencing, watering and plant care, harvesting and food storage, how to encourage beneficial insects, growing edible flowers, how to use harvested food to make healthy meals.  Harvests are shared out among volunteers who are encouraged to try new and more unusual foods.
All activities and tasks are adapted to the ability of those taking part...lots of encouragement and support is given and everybody involved has the chance to try out a variety of tasks.
Hot drinks, gloves and tools are provided and there is wheelchair access along the main paths.