Colchester Arts Centre

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Kid's Theatre and Workshops

The Colchester Arts Centre offers a unique mix of rock and folk gigs, club nights, comedy, world music, jazz, drama and kids's theatre and workshops.

The kid's theatre and workshops come in a range of art forms, puppetry, mime, theatre, storytelling, dance, installation.  The shows cover a range from new work to traditional stories.

Children attending Kid's Theatre or Workshops at the Arts Centre will be invited to write reviews of Theatre shows, often they have the chance to participate in them too.

The great range of workshops, including circus, music making, art and craft techniques provide children with the perfect opportunity to develop new skills and display their work in the Front of House area (if they wish to) at the Colchester Arts Centre.

Passport to Learning hours will be awarded as follows:

For any workshop attended:

  • the duration of the workshop
  • for theatre performance reviews sent to Colchester Arts Centre, 1.5 hours of CU learning will be awarded.
A list of all workshops and kid's theatre peformances can be found on the Colchester Arts Centre website

Volunteering Opportunities
For information about opportunities for Volunteering at Colchester Arts Centre, click here .