Jumble Juniors

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Jumble Junior classes are designed to help children gain their recommended 60 minutes of daily activity using a ‘Jumble’ of enjoyable and educational fitness concepts. Lots of the games have an educational slant, focusing on the Alphabet and spelling as well as ensuring they are fun to play.

Giving children the opportunity to get regular exercise in a safe environment has many documented benefits for their health, happiness and development. Equally as important is making exercise fun, which, as we all know, is vital to keeping young children interested!!
Children will be given the opportunity to gain or improve there skills in communication as well as athletically. The session is suitable for children of all levels.
The session is likely to  including activities such as exercise to music, action songs, dance, games, sports, mini circuits and relays.
An after school club takes place at St John's Green Primary School.

Website: jumblejuniors.org