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J3K Sports Ltd aim to do the following: 
J3K Sports Ltd aim to do the following: 
  • To provide an all-inclusive child friendly learning environment to allow children to develop their fine / gross motor skills (4-6 yr olds), along with fundamental football skills(7 yrs & up).
  • Increase speed and agility
  • Develop a better range of fine/gross motor skills
  • Use football as a means to create life lessons, in Goal Setting, Planning, Drive, Determination, Respect, Encouragement & Teamship
  • Create a player development pathway to allow players to develop their fundamental football skills
  • To create pathways for players to continue / enhance their playing options with other clubs / associations in the surrounding community.
Sessions take place at various locations including schools, Sports Centres and football clubs including Waterside Farm Sports Centre.
Contact: Brad Wellman
Tel. 07826 915803


Website: www.J3KSoccerAcademy.com