Jaywick Martello Tower

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Jaywick Martello Tower  supports creative collaborations relating to the themes of Community, Heritage and Environment that affect our lives today.

C-Net at the Tower 

C-Net at the Tower is a programme of School Holiday activities that are fun, creative sessions for those attending, who will explore local themes in a creative way.

Each session lasts for 3 hours and is suitable for children aged 8 - 15 years old.

Sessions include learning different types of art forms including painting, pin hole photography and textiles.  Sessions will be locally themed, including the coast and the history of the area. 

These creative activities work towards Arts Award.

Sessions are free but places must be pre-booked.

Kerith Ririe - Tower Manager
01255 822783

E-mail: jaywickmartellotower@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.jaywickmartellotower.org