Butterfly Lodge Education Centre

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Butterfly Lodge is a working and care farm and brings together the care of the land, environment and animals with the care of the people.

A care farm opens its doors to anyone who can benefit from being out in the countryside and enjoy taking park in the daily life of a working farm. 

At Butterfly Lodge the philosophy is .... 

“Tell me and I'll forget; Show me and I might remember; Involve me and I'll understand.”

...making them the perfect Learning Destination.

Butterfly Lodge offer a range of Learning Activities which have been validated as Learning Destinations which are s uitable for children aged 5 - 10 years who will receive 2 hours of learning for their Passport to Learning.

Exploring Habitats

This session will include a range of practical, hands on activities, games and crafts.  The day will start with a fun and practical Q&A session, all about insects and amphibians  The group will then use fun games to start thinking about what is meant by habitat.

As well as discussing all of the insects we might find in the woodland, the group will look at some of the amphibians that live there and work in teams to create a 'toad abode'.

The group will spend time exploring the woodland, and hunting for bugs using a range of equipment, thinking about how to carefully handle the bugs we find.  Older children will work as part of a team at this point in the session to create a bug hotel.

To finish the day, older children will create an advert for our bug hotel aimed at the insects that might live there, younger children will have the chance to join in with some bug related craft. 

Food & Farming

The session will begin with the chance to meet the dairy goats and help with feeding them.  Staff will share with the group lots of interesting facts, and children will have the chance to ask questions.  The group will watch a hand milking demonstration, then try their hand at milking the dummy goat.  

During a tour of the rest of the farm, children will discuss the different things we get from the other animals, older children will think about different types of farms too.

Using the goats milk collected, children will make either Angel Delight or Smoothies.

A games session will look at food miles and children will pick apart a pizza or a weekly shop and talk about how farms play a role in producing these items (thinking about fair trade, food miles).

The day comes to a close with a fun milk experiment and goats milk ice cream tasting.

If you go down to the woods today....

The session starts with a discussion about the seasons, looking at trees and how they change, using games and pictures to think about this. Time will be spent thinking about what trees give us.  After an opportunity to identify trees in the woodland the group will start to think about wild flowers and as a team use natural materials found around the woods to create a pice of 'art on the floor' depicting a wild flower.  

After talking about how flowers provide food to insects and how insects help pollinate flowers, the group will take part in a hands on session making seed bombs with wild flower seeds which they will then launch into a chosen area of the wood.  There will also be the chance to create book marks from natural materials.

For older children 8-10 years the session will be of a similar format but will also include more challenge plant identification, discussions around plants and medicine and also identifying poisonous plants. 

The day will close with a quiz to test all the knowledge gained.

Goats Glorious Goats

The day begins by meeting the dairy goats.  The group leader will talk to the children about the goats, giving a range of interesting facts and answering any questions.  The children have the opportunity to feed the goats and give them a bit of TLC.

Children will watch a hand milking demonstration and get the chance to have a go on the dummy goat.  Using games and discussion children will think about how locally produced food is good for the environment and there will also be a chance to taste a range of goats milk products.

In meeting the pygmy goats children will find out some facts about these funny little goats, where they come from, what they eat etc.  

Getting creative children will have the chance to use a range of craft mediums to create an advert for goats milk, with the session ending with a recap quiz.


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