Hylands Park

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Hylands Park has over 574 acres of parkland, including an ancient woodland, grassland, ponds, lakes, formal gardens.

Scrapbook Safari Treasure Trail - Stables Visitor Centre
The Scrapbook Safari starts at the Stables Visitor Centre.  Children will be encouraged to take an active interest in the wildlife at the Park and to learn about the natural environment.

In the company of the Education Officer, children and their adult will explore the park on a guided tour and then return to the education centre to work on the Safari Scrapbook, using their design and art and craft skills.

This activity has been validated by Essex Children's University for 2 hours for your Passport to Learning.

Booking is essential and further details including dates/times can be found through the website link below.

Hylands Park Stables Visitor Centre
London Road
Essex  CM2 8WQ

Website: www.chelmsford.gov.uk/hylands-park-0