Saffron Walden Museum

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A bit about the Museum
Saffron Walden Museum opened in 1835. With wide-ranging collections, from moccasins and mummy cases to mammoth tusks and Wallace the lion, it still contains much to "stand awhile and admire". This award-winning, "friendly, family-size museum" is open 363 days a year. Collections cover the human and natural history of north-west Essex, from ancient times to the present day, and many other wonderful objects from the wider world.
The Museum is set in an enclosed grass meadow, suitable for picnics, with a small car park and access for disabled visitors. It stands beside the ruins of the 12th century Walden Castle. The lovely mediaeval market town of Saffron Walden is on the doorstep, with a fine parish church, two mazes and beautiful Bridge End Garden.

Learning Destination Activities

Museum Backpack
Using the resources provided in the Museum Backpack children will be encouraged to focus their attention on one particular aspect of the Museum to answer a specific question, solve a puzzle, build something or locate artefacts.   The answers to the question/puzzle will be verfied at the Museum's Welcome Desk where Passports to Learning will be stamped and signed.

General Museum Visit 
A general visit to Saffron Walden Museum will give children the chance to explore the artefacts, exhibitions and all that the Museum has to offer, the areas of the collections that most interest them.  In exploring children can try out some of the Museum's hands-on activities, such as the Natural History  microscopes, touchscreen computer, Archaeological sand pit and Local History building reconstruction.

Museum Suitcase

Collecting a Museum Suitcase on arrival you, children will work with their grown up and other family/friends and will have the chance to focus on a specific archaeology/history topic; Prehistory, Roman, Saxon or Medieval and to investigate the questions and real artefacts in the suitcases.  Instructions are provided in the suitcase and lots of supporting information can be found in the Museum's exhibitions.