Colchester Natural History Museum

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Colchester's Natural History Museum is the place to go for information on local wildlife. The Museum's permanent displays feature recreations of habitats found in the Colchester area and begin with life found in our local sea, the North Sea.  Through the porthold you can see fish, birds and marine mammals in their natural element.
The marine theme continues as we move to the mudflats where each winter flocks of Brent Geese feed up after their long journey from Siberia.  The Beach Cafe shows how different birds are adapted to feeding on a variety of animal life and the unique limestone beds at Dovercourt are the subject of a display in rock pools.
Message in a Bottle, the beachcoming exhibit, enables you to identify some of the things both natural and manmade, that you might find on the shoreline and there's an interactive lifty-box to try too.  The final marine display is a diorama of Fingringhoe marshes, one of the original museum displays, it remains as popular today as when it was installed in the 1960's.
Leaving the geology section the Stag Beetle display shows you all aspects of this fascinating insect and then (if you're small enough) visit the crawl through badger sett before seeing the more familiar territory of the domestic garden and its wildlife by both day and night.
As well as the permanent displays there are always things to see and do throughout the year. In spring you can watch the Blue Tits feeding their young live on screen thanks to our camera hidden in their bird box.  In the summer holidays why not visit our popular summer exhibition where the emphasis is very much on hands-on and craft activities for all the family. 
If you are visiting the Natural History Museum in Colchester, but not participating in any of the holiday activities, present your Passport to Learning as you leave and you will receive a token.  If you take this to your school, your school can award 30 minutes of Learning for your Passport.
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