Boys Brigade, 1st Colchester Company

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The Boys Brigade sets out to tell it's members about the Christian message whilst working towards the gaining of Boys Brigade badges.
Anchor Section (Ages 6-8 years)
The emphasis for this section is having fun while the boys gain their awards.  There is a wide variety of activities including learning new skills, developing confidence and independence while belonging to a group.  There is an opportunity for taking part in and improve physical skills, while learning to share and co-operate.
Junior Section (Ages 8-11 years)
The Activity Zone contains programme ideas and activities based around the 5 main headings of:
Body - games and physical activities
Mind - puzzles, quizzes, thinking games, treasure hunts, hobbies and collections
Spirit - Devotions, prayers and worship, bible characters and Christian festivals
Community - conservation, the local community, the church and helping others
Creativity - crafts, cooking, drama
Company Section (11-15 years)
A varied programme of activities is planned for each meeting, following the Discovery Awards programme.  This programme is based on Community, Recreation and Skills, these include First Aid, Archery, Cookery, Circuit training, indoor challenges plus many other activities.
Please note that hours can only be collected for normal Boys Brigade  sessions and educational visits (but not travel time) and not sleepovers
Venue: Castle Methodist Church, Maidenburgh Street, Colchester
Contact: Mr J Brook
Telephone: 01245 225166