Colchester Castle

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Colchester Castle
High Street
01206 282939
A visit to Colchester Castle Museum takes you through 2000 years of some of the most important events in British history. Once capital of Roman Britain, Colchester has experienced devastation by Boudica (Boadicea), invasion by the Normans and siege during the English Civil War.  Since the 16th Centrury the Castle has been a ruin, a library and a gaol for witches. 
Today it is an award winning museum featuring many hands-on displays showing Colchester's history from the Stone Age to the Civil War.  The Castle itself is the largest keep ever built by the Normans.  It was constructed on the foundations of the Roman Temple Claudius, which can still be seen today.
During the year,particularly duirng school holiday times, Colchester Castle  has a range of activity and participation sessions which include: art & craft skills, storytelling, stop motion animation skills, quiz trails and live interpretation, validated as Children's University Learning.  For more information click here.
If you are visiting Colchester Castle, but not participating in any of the holiday activities, present your Passport to Learning as you leave and you will receive a token. 
If you take this to your school, your school can award 60 minutes of Learning for your Passport.