Learning Destinations are places and organisations to which children can `travel' with their `Passport to Learning'.  They provide high quality learning opportunities and experiences, and have passed the Children's University quality assurance process.  
There are two types of Learning Destination:
Public Learning Destination
Places which provide Children's University validated learning activities and which are publicly accessible, such as museums, wildlife centres, castles, zoos, sports coaching, libraries, theatres etc.  The Children's University validation process assures the quality of the learning. Matters of Health and Safety, Public Liability and Safeguarding remain the responsibility of the learning provider. All public Learning Destinations are expected to operate to their statutory requirements in these areas. Given this, it is for parents themselves to decide whether the quality of provision, including Safeguarding of children, is sufficient and adequate safeguards are in place. This is similar to what all parents need to do when taking children to any public event or club.    
For details of Public Learning Destinations in and around Essex please click here. 
Restricted Learning Destination
These places are not publicly accessible, such as schools and clubs, guide and scout groups, which require membership. Learning modules which take place in the workplace, for example hospitals, hotels, newspaper, football grounds, offices etc are also Restricted Learning Destinations.
For details of schools and other clubs/organisations in Essex offering Children's University learning please click here.
More about Learning Destinations
Learning Destination can range from a museum to a farm or from an airport to a university, as long as the learning activity connects with study you can undertake at University for the `grown ups'.
Learning Destinations display the CU Learning destinations logo prominently inside and outside their environment, clearly visible to children who may want to use their Passport to Learning. 
At a Learning Destination, Children's University students can get their Passport to Learning stamped which in turn will lead to the award of National Certificates. 
Nominating a new Learning Destination
To find out more about nominating a new Learning Destination please click here.