For our Colchester, Harwich & Dovercourt and Tendring Campuses and Suffolk Children's University children are invited to attend one Graduation ceremony a year and these are held at the Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre at the University of Essex.  

If your child's school is actively involved in the Children's University we will contact you via the school a month or two before the Graduation to find out how many hours your child has in their passport or to remind them to update their E-Passport.  Once this information is received back in the office we will work out who is eligible for Graduation and send out official invitations, via Eventbrite.  

If your child has been invited to a Graduation they should arrive at the Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre (a map and directions are at the bottom of this page) by the time stated on the invitation.

During the ceremony you are welcome to take your own photographs/video (for personal use only) of the presentation but we would ask that, due to the numbers of children involved and the size of the audience, that you remain in your seat.    After the presentations there will be plenty of opportunity for you to take further informal photographs around the Lecture Hall before you child needs to hand back their cap and gown.

Children may be invited to attend CU Junior lectures/activities before their Graduation ceremony.  More information about this will be sent with your invitation to attend. Lectures preceding Graduations on 11 November are as follows:

What makes a hero?

Find out about what films and literature tell us about heroes and then have a go at creating your own


What is it like to have a body?

What is it like to have a sense of body?  Find out in this informative workshop, and you may also be able to take part in the exciting research in this area (A limited number of students will be able to take part in the research activities)


Equality and Symbols of Freedom

Find out about equality and the different symbols of freedom through an interactive history workshop.

If you would like to pre-order sew on badges for any graduation please use the order form at the bottom of this page.  Please return the completed form to at least 5 working days before the Graduation .   Badges will then be ready for collection and payment on the day.

For information about Graduations and venues in other Campus areas, please contact your child's school.

Relevant Files for Download:

Here are some resource documents for download, to accompany the information on this page.