We thought it would be helpful to include a page which features some of the questions, together with our answer, that we have received from other parents and carers about the Essex Children's University.
Guiding and Scouting Activities
Q:   Can children earn hours in their passport when they go to Scout or Guide camp?
A:    Hours  can only be collected for normal Cub/Scout sessions, where badge work takes place, and educational visits (but not travel time) and         not sleepovers.  A maximum of 5 hours per day can be collected for at a camp per day for any structured learning activities. 
Home Educated Children
Q:  My child is home educated.  Can they become a member of the Essex Children's University?
A:   Yes.  We will soon be introducing a new scheme called CU Families for those children who are Home Educated or attend a school that is not one of our CU member schools.  In the meantime we will not be accepting any individual memberships.

If you are interested in finding out more about CU Families please let us know your e-mail address and we'll send you some information as soon as it becomes available.
Moving Schools
Q:  My child has moved to a new school.  How can they continue to be part of the Essex Children's University™?
A: If your child has moved to another school (including moving from Primary to Secondary School) since having a Passport please complete the form below.  We can then either contact your new school if they are involved in the Children's University™ or we can use your contact details to inform you directly about our next graduation. 
New Learning Destinations
Q: My child attends an after school/weekend club and would like to have his Passport stamped there.  Can I just ask the leader to do this?
A: The club must have been 'validated' by the Children's University™ for the hours to count towards your child's certificates.  The validation process is quite straightforward.  We will ask the leader of the group to complete some paperwork for us to demonstrate thet they are offering high quality learning and we will follow this up with a visit.  Once the process is complete their details can be put on our website and they can start to stamp passports.  Please bear in mind that we will prioritise 'true' Public Learning Destinations (such as Museums, etc ie places that any child can go to at any time ie they don't need to become a member or pay a regular membership fee) and organisations that a number of Passport holder attend.
Q: How do I go about recommending a new 'Learning Destination'?
A: Ask your child to tell the club/organisation about the Children's University™ and then pass their contact details on to us. 

Q: My child is 5 or 6 years old - can they join the Children's University?

A:  Yes. Children aged 5 to 6 years can join the CU.  For our youngest learners we ask that at least 5 hours of learning for each award stage is completed with a family member.  For more information about joining please click here

Q: I have a problem with the E-Passport.

A: For more information about the E-passport and a children's guide click here.

Q: I would like my child to join the Essex CU but their School isn't a member.  Can they still join?

A: Yes!  They can join through our CU Families scheme

Relevant Files for Download:

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