Essex & Suffolk CU Families is our membership programme for children do not attend an Essex Children’s University Membership School but who would like to become a Children’s University Member.  Essex & Suffolk CU Families will also support the involvement of existing CU Learners where their school has decided to bring to a close its School Membership of Children’s University.

Essex and Suffolk CU Families is an annual membership scheme.

Membership includes

• Passport to Learning* – to be used by our CU Learners to log hours of participation at  Learning Destinations across Essex and Suffolk and indeed across the Country.
• E-Passport – to be used by our CU Learners to record, electronically, their hours of participation. 
• Monthly eNewsletters which will offer information about new Learning Destinations, discounts, achievements and opportunities.
• An annual gowned CU Graduation at a selection of venues
• Access to CU Lectures and CU Workshops.
• Access to a range of CU Challenges – a variety of no cost/low cost activities for earning learning credits.

Cost: We are able to offer a discount for families with more than one child

*For CU Learners moving from a School Membership Scheme or individuals with a Passport to Learning already, the costs will be

1 Child

2 Children

3+ Children (Max of 6)

Children will not be able to collect learning stamps at their after school clubs and activities where a school has withdrawn from the programme.




For new members/continuing CUFamilies memberships

1 Child

2 Children

3+ Children (Max of 6)




Next steps:  

To subscribe to Essex CU Families please:

·          Complete the attached Registration Form and return it along with your payment to the Essex Children’s University office.

·          Upon receipt of the Registration Form/s and payment we will send you the Essex CU Families Membership Pack.

For those just  wanting to order a replacement Passport to Learning please contact your School in the first instance or use the form below.

Relevant Files for Download:

Here are some resource documents for download, to accompany the information on this page.