Holidays and weekends can be a great time to explore and to try something do something a little bit different.

There are lots of fabulous activities and learning opportunities in Essex where you will be able to collect stamps for your Passport to Learning.  

Some of these activities are free and some have a cost and if you visit our Learning Destinations pages you will see where you can travel to with your Passport to Learning and collect learning stamps.

For information on the latest events head to our Bulletin page.

Southend Pier 
Children visiting Southend now have a chance to earn a 2 hour stamp in their Passport to Learning whilst learning all about the Pier and it's fascinating history.  Children will need to take their completed Quiz to the main Pier Visitor Information Centre (and not the Museum) to get it stamped.  The Museum is not part of the quiz and any questions concerning it can be answered outside the Museum.

To download the Quiz go to the bottom of this page.

London Learning Destinations
If you're thinking of visiting our capital city take a look at our list of some of the CU Learning Destinations in London.  See below

On-line resources
Don't forget the activities that you can download for free including Kingdom Code Clubs.  Click here for more information.

Relevant Files for Download:

Here are some resource documents for download, to accompany the information on this page.