We expect you might be wondering what a Graduation Ceremony might feel like...what to expect...it's natural to be curious and of course it's OK to be nervous too.  
Taylor is 13 and attended his Graduation on 19th January 2011 to receive his national Bronze Award, presented by the Mayor of Colchester, Councillor Sonia Lewis.  The Chief Executive of the national Children's University, who is called Ger Graus, also attended.
Taylor has produced a media report ... describing how the evening went and how it felt, for him, to be involved.
 "On the 19th January 2011 a phenomenal evening took place at the University of Essex, hosted and presented by the Children's University.  The evening was a graduation for children around the Essex area.  They had undertaken a certain amount of hours in after school activities with the Children's University.  This resulted in the graduates having the honour of being presented with a certificate to represent their accomplishment.  I feel that the organisation did a tremendous job of provding fantastic hospitality and a great atmosphere for the evening presentation.  The evening ran very smoothly and seeing the grins on the children's faces was a great scene to see.  Parents were absolutely elated to see their children on the front stage; with a tear in their eyes; clapping like their lives depended on it.
As one of the sixth participants' of the event it was magnificent to be part of it.  My friend and I were the two oldest kids there.  We are part of a reporting organisation called Supporter to Reporter; and I have certainly benefited greatly from it.  I was one of the kids down on the front stage with a grin from ear to ear getting presented with a certificate.  It was really quite a view.  You looked across the row of eight kids.  Seven little people in blue gowns all cute and innocent; and on the end a great big kid in a black gown; that was me.  I think the best thing about the evening was the presence of the Mayor. It was a great privilege to meet her and shake her hand.  Personally, I felt quite proud that I was taller than the Mayor.  Despite my slight smugness of being taller, it was still a privilege to meet her.
The gowns were marvellous...For me it was fantastic to be in one; I felt really clever and mature.  There was definitely a feeling of pride when I wore it.  A professional photographer was there taking photos of us and I relished the opportunity of my first paparazzi shot.
This memorable evening couldn't have happened without Debbie Bird, Manager of Children's University, and her cracking crew.  And on a personal note, I am very grateful to Gemma English, from Supporter to Reporter, for giving me the opportunity to take part in the wonderful evening.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Supporter to Reporter team and will continue to blog on the site:  www.radiowaves.co.uk/s2rcolchesterwest "