If you attend a club or activity that you really enjoy and think it should be part of the Essex Children's University, please let us know.
Good research skills are an essential part of Children's University learning...in fact they form an essential part of `grown up' University learning too!
At the Essex Children's University we know there are loads of brilliant clubs and activities out there...but until somebody shows us where they are they remain a mystery.
If you can provide us with the name, address, telephone number, website (if they have one) and email details of the Club/Activity and tell us a bit about what it is you do there and the stuff you learn and enjoy doing, then we'll get in touch with them. You can use the form at the bottom of the page. 
If they meet our standards, you'll be able to use your Passport to Learning to collect stamps and work towards achieving more national Children's University Awards.
Everybody benefits - that's called a `win-win` situation in the business world. 

This form can also be used by organisations that would like to nominate their own activities as Learning Destinations. 

Relevant Files for Download:

Here are some resource documents for download, to accompany the information on this page.