The Leadership for Learning team at the University of Cambridge were tasked with evaluating whether or not the Children's University™ had an impact on pupils' attainment, attendance and attitudes towards learning.

Key Findings
  1. Being in the Children's University™ significantly improves school attendance.
  2. Achievement is significantly better at Key Stages 1 to 3 for children who participate in Children's University™ compared with non-attenders.
  3. The further children engage with Children's University™, the better their attendance and achievement.
  4. Children's University™ provides an environment for self-driven, confident and collegial learning.
  5. Children's University™ provides a safe haven and models have positive relationships.
  6. Pupils and teachers testify to life changing experiences.
  7. 'Opportunity costs' are high for children in disadvantaged areas who do not attend Children's University™.
  8. Certificates, credits, Passports to Learning and graduations are valued incentives and rewards.
  9. University settings help inspire and raise aspirations for children, and their parents.
  10. Children's University™ has helped to "make learning a reality beyond academic studies."
Copies of:  
  • Evaluating provision, progress and quality of Learning in the Children's University™ Professor John MacBeath
  • Key findings from the Evaluation of Children's University™ and their relevance for Government Policy, written by Professor John MacBeath
  • Ofsted and CU September, produced by Lynne Upton, Director of Learning at the National Children's University
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