ePassport to Learning

The ePassport to Learning does not replace the paper Passport to Learning but provides children with the facility to complete an online Passport with details of the activities they have taken part in and share information and pictures of the activities with other users in their school. 

Having their own ePassport, children can also see what Learning Destinations and activities are on offer, and read comments on them from other Children's University students.

Is there an App?

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the CU App .. available for Apple and Android devices.   Search the App store or Google Play for Children’s University E-passport and download for free.

The App allows you to search for Learning Destinations and for those with a Passport to Learning to upload completed activities to their E-Passport.

Let us know what you think!

Is it easy to use?
The site is very intuitive and easy to use and below you will find A Guide to the E-Passport to Learning which has been written for children and parents.

Is there a cost?
There is a minimal cost of £1 per academic year for the ePassport licence for each child.  Each licence, which can be bought through the school the child attends, runs from 1st September until 31st August each year.

Who can see the information?
There are strict Data Protection guidelines in place.  All of the information on the ePassport website can only be seen by children who hold a Passport to Learning, the local Children's University Manager and the school the child attends.

What about inappropriate language?
The ePassport system has a filter that prevents any inappropriate language used from appearing.

Assessing the E-Passport website
To access the E-passport website https://epassport.explc.com/public/login

To log onto your E-passport
Email Address - this will be your passport number followed by @CU.co.uk

example: 123456@CU.co.uk

Password - this will either be your passport number or 123456

Changing your password
Once you have logged into your E-passport, if you have been asked to use the password 123456, you will be prompted to change your password and we recommend that you use your passport number.

I am having trouble logging on
If your passport number is your password it must have 6 figures so you may need to add a '0' at the beginning.  Your username will also need a '0' at the beginning.

I can't find my Beaver/Brownie group
Beavers, Cubs and Scout Groups are grouped under their area.  Eg 1st Rayne Beavers can be found under Braintree Scout Groups.  Brownies and Rainbows would also be found under their local Guide Groups.

I can't find an activity I took part in
It may be that the activity took place outside the Essex area in which case you will need to select the correct area when you are asked 'Which area or region did the activity take place?'  Activities run by organisations such as Royal Yachting Association, National History Museum or the Children's University of Manchester (on-line learning) can be found under 'National'.  You can also try using the 'Search ' button on the right hand side.
If you still can't find it, it may be that the activity is not a Children's University Learning Destination.  To find out how to nominate an activity, click here.


Relevant Files for Download:

Here are some resource documents for download, to accompany the information on this page.