The celebration and recognition of the achievements of Children's University students is a key theme of the Children's University and a National Awards scheme is in place.
Children are encouraged to progress through this National Awards scheme which is based on the numbers of hours of attendance at and participation in Children's University learning.
There are three levels of study for Children's University Learning.  Certificates are awarded at Bronze, Silver and Gold for 30, 65, 100 hours of learning and then incrementally 130, 165, 200, 230, 265, 300 .... all the way to 1,000 hours of study.
  • Children's University Undergraduate Level (30 to 400 hours of learning)
    • This CU Undergraduate Level is the first step on the ladder of the national Children's University certification.

 For more information about the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards see the Brief Guide below.

  • Children's University Postgraduate Level (430 to 800 hours of learning)
    •  As part of the second phase of national Children's University certification, at CU Postgraduate Level we are looking for tangible outcomes which demonstrate achievement, such as displays, exhibitions, performances and publications.


  • Children's University Doctorate Level (830 to 1000 hours of learning)
    • For the third phase of national Children's University certification it is the expectation that CU students at CU Doctorate and Fellowship Levels will act as Leaders of Learning for other CU students at the Children's University.


  •   Honorary Recognition
    • Awarded for outstanding commitment and contribution to the local Children's University, sometimes against the odds.  This will reward aspects such as a child's attitude, behaviour, 100% attendance. 


  • Children's University National Outstanding Achievement Awards
    • Awarded for excellence in learning and/or high quality work.

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