According to the National Passport Office 17% of the adult population lose their Passports. 
To date, only 1% of the Children's University™ population have lost their Passports which, we think, speaks volumes about the value children place on them.
If the Passport to Learning is lost - and then found
Each Passport has a sticker in the back, asking that it is returned to the Essex Children's University™ office at The Alderman Blaxill School.  There is no value attached to a Passport and if it is found, we hope that it will be returned to us.  If the Passport is returned to us, we will return it, via the issuing school.
All Passports have a unique number and when we issue the Passport to Learning, usually through a school, we record the pupil details on a central database.  For Data Protection purposes, whilst we don't hold individual names and addresses at the CU Office we do keep records of the Passport Number and which school this was allocated to.
The school then let us know which pupil they have given the Passport to by letting us have the Passport Number and a UPN (which means Unique Pupil Number - each child has one and it is used to identify them in their time in education).
If the Passport to Learning is lost and NOT found
If the Passport does not make it's way back to the CU Office, then, unfortunately, any stamps attached to hours of learning will be lost unless they have been recorded on the E-Passport system.  In either case, a new hard copy Passport will have to be purchased.  Clich here for more information on how to do this.